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Transom Boat Launching Wheels

SUPROD Launching Wheels allow an easy one man launching of boats. You never will need external support. Save your precious time - an investment that pays back!

Launching Wheels SUPROD HD200Launching Wheels SUPROD HD200


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Boat Trolley, Trailer

SUPROD Boat Trolleys make launching a breeze. You will not require any external assistance for bringing your boat to and from water. The trolley can be easily and quickly folded/unfolded and compactly placed after use in conventional car trunk or taken in boat. It's universally applicable, e.g. for inflatable, alu, GFK, fishing or sailing boats.

Boat Trolley SUPROD TR350-LBoat Trolley SUPROD TR350-L


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Puncture Proof Polyurethane Wheels for Water Area

PU-Wheels made of a high quality microporous solid polyurethane with plain bearings (no bearings). PU wheels are extremely durable, absolutely maintenance free and puncture resistant, therefore in many applications they have already forced out pneumatic and solid-rubber wheels from the marketTypical applications in water area etc.

PU-Wheel 3.50-8 PU-Wheel 3.00-4 PU-Wheel 2.50-4 Steerable Caster 160mm PU-Wheel 160mm


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