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Stainless Steel Furniture for Kitchen, Gastro, Hobby and Living

KÖNIGSPROD stainless steel furniture provides sufficient working and storage space for variety of items and applications. Thanks to the proven design, the stainless steel table can be harmoniously integrated into almost any interior.

Stainless Steel WandbordStainless Steel Table


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Chimney Cowls, Rain Covers, Stove Caps

KÖNIGSPROD stainless steel chimney caps reliably protect your flue duct from moisture, rain showers, snow and windfalls. It prevents the chimney from fouling and deterioration and thus saves maintenance costs. Thanks to the timeless design your chimney decoration will be improved.

Chimney CapChimney Cap


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Puncture proof Polyurethane Wheels

Our PU wheels are made of a high quality microporous solid polyurethane. As for riding comfort, the PU tires are equal to the pneumatic ones, while in comparison with the solid-rubber tires they have significantly lower weight and much better operating properties. PU wheels are extremely durable, absolutely maintenance free and puncture resistant, therefore in many applications they have already ousted pneumatic and solid-rubber wheels from the market. Typical applications are garden trolleys, carts, caddies, barrows, trailers, transom launching wheels, light duty industrial carriers, etc.

PU-Wheel 6.50-8 PU-Wheel 4.00-8 PU-Wheel 4.00-8 PU-Wheel 3.50-8

Steerable Caster 3.00-4 Not-Steerable Caster 3.00-4 PU-Wheel 3.00-4 PU-Wheel 3.00-4 Steerable Caster 160mm


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